Bavaro Adventure Parks

Bavaro Adventure Park is an Eco-Friendly park which offers the largest variety of open air, nature-friendly, exciting and ecologically sustainable activities, challenging the visitors according to their physical abilities and age range; Within these activities you will find the Zip Line Regular, Pro or Splash which ends in the water, Dino World a familiar activities especially to do with the kids, Horseback riding, Flight Simulator, Mountainbike, Segway, Paint Ball and others.

A 100% Adrenaline RUSH!

Jump up to 10 meters (32 ft.) off the ground. Gives you the sensation of flying through the sky.

The Crazy Jumper consists of four professional grade elastic platforms of 4 meters and an ergonomic harness system made of high resistant manufacture which permits long life, durability, and comfort.

The latex elastic designed especially…

Get into the 150-meter-long Pump Track with 16 ridges, two curves up + two curves down with apexes, and, a front stretch with full-mtb apex! Plus, additional single trails, twisting around the tropical forest.

Then, you will be ready for mtb adventure: Cabo Engaño Plains and beaches! Two hours of trail riding passing by two natural lagoons, a 5K stretch of Caribbean sand and the ubiquitous old abandoned resort…

Try the best way to truly enjoy nature here: ‘Bavaro’ biking! Be part of nature not a spectator!

Viewer discretion advised! It will be wonderful for your spirit and body! Available for all audience.

After receiving your helmet and safety instructions from real mtb guides, get ready to start!

Have you always dreamt of flying like a bird? Well, stop dreaming and come here to enjoy a wonderful flight where you can observe from on high the beautiful views of Punta Cana.

After a brief instructional introduction, you will be safely strapped into your harness and seconds later you are ready to fly to a height of 65 ft, or 20 meters above ground level.

Once you get to cruising altitude…

Fly through the sky and “walk” through hanging bridges.

Starting with a 39 ft simple climbing wall, two 130m (400 ft) zip lines, a 100 ft suspension bridge with 3 different simple challenges, and return to ground level on the last and fastest zip line continuously accelerating during the whole 260 m (850 ft); In total you will have 3 lines of cable.

The height above ground goes from 5 to 20 meters (15 to 60 ft) reaching speeds…

Take a dare! Imagine a giant 9 ft flexible plastic ball, a downhill course 150 meters long, with a 10-degree slope, And you are safely secured inside the double walls of this cushioned ball. Down the hill, you go! A unique and exciting experience.

Security: These Zorbs are hand made in Europe and fulfill the highest standards of quality, safety, and product usability, being certified by the “TUV Sud” (Technical Inspection Association)…

Come and discover a spectacular Pirate Ship, full of thrills and challenges whatever is your age.

You begin with 6 exciting exercises at a height of 16 feet until you reach the “Capture the Flag stage at 49 feet. Finish the circuit on the ropes of our Zip Line Flying Fox or the famous Topas Jump, which will bring you back to earth always in a safe and exciting way…

Discover the Park on a guided Horseback Tour.

From the time you mount up until first rest stop, scenes and natural wonders will open you at every turn.

This park has beautiful landscapes and natural environments, your eyes may delight while doing the tour on one of the safety horses.

These horses are highly trained for professional staff, internationally trained…

The Zip Line PRO starts with 39 feet climbing a wall to get to the first zip line. You´ll have 7 different ziplines and one 130 feet hanging bridge with 4 progressively challenging obstacles to conquer. You will return to the ground on the last 850 ft line.

The height above ground goes from 5 to 20 meters (15 to 60 ft) reaching speeds up to 30 mph (50 k/h)…

Ready for some ACTION? You’re invited to play the sport that is enjoyed in more than 110 countries by over 15 million people.

Here you will find two fields with thematic scenes and the best installation and equipment for your adventure.

It’s more than a game. It’s loads of fun and excitement. Enjoy the emotion and adrenaline rush from the different games that make up the course.

Get into the bunkers, sneak through the obstacles and hide in the small plane…

Enjoy an exciting trip through the park and its exuberant tropical landscape, but driving a Segway.

The PT X2 Segway is a 2-wheeled vehicle, with “auto balance” system, run on rechargeable batteries, and operates with an electric motor reaching speeds up to 12.5 miles an hour or 20.1 Kilometers per hour.

This version X2 is specially designed for…

Come and enjoy a circuit of 6 lines; Himalayan Bridge and the exciting Splash Cable landing in water. You´ll be amazed!.

For the vertical accents, the Zip Liners are attached to an automatic anti-fall system which protects them in case of an involuntary descent.

Come and visit these enigmatic creatures which have been extinct for more than 65 million years. Learn how they lived, what they ate, and what could have lead to their extinction.

The Jurassic Park has over 22 Dinosaurs at real scale within a natural setting. An extensive display featuring the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex the most feared hunter of all time, the Iguanodon, the giant Diplodocus, the Stegosaurus and many more…

US$ 90.00

RD$ 4500.00